Welcome to Johnson Equipment Service Company of NC

Plush Cranes, Video Games  Prize redemption games, Man Cave machines & more 

About Us

Working in the Amusement industry for over 20 years providing equipment and service to  many types of business locations from small to large...such as Mom  & Pop country stores to large dept stores, small diners,  private clubs and etc.

 If you're a business owner or an authorized manager of a business  located within our routes who may be interested in placing one or more  machines at your location we would like the opportunity to work with  you.

Currently working routes along I-77 ,I-95. I-85, I-40.....NC, SC, VA and Southern WV.

We provide the equipment ,product and prizes if needed depending on the type of equipment.

We share a fair agreed upon portion of the profits with your business and you have no investment.

Just make some extra cash with that unused floor space in your business.
We often sell used equipment or parts (Great Man Cave Machines) that has been retired or updated from our routes on Ebay under the seller name jesconc.

If you're looking to purchase some used equipment check us out on Ebay or just contact us by phone or email.

Email = jesconc@aol.com
Phone # = (336) 755-8020